Keto Fathead Dough Bagel Egg and Sausage Breakfast Sandwich


So. You made KETO Fathead bagels. What do you do with them other than a smear of cream cheese?

Make a fried egg Sandwich! Layer it with cheese, sausage or bacon and fried eggs! I even put a little mustard on there.

You have to find ways to make the old things you love in a new way. Or you will never make it when you are modifying your diet. I love fried egg sandwiches on toast. MELTY CHEESE! You can still have it if you can find a carb substitute. Fathead dough saves the day!!!

Low carb life is not the end all to eating tasty food. Break your habits and create new ones. There are great low carb substitutes to the unhealthy ones we eat. It just takes a little effort. Sometimes trial and error. My Fathead skills are getting better.

Try it and Enjoy!